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A previously unnoticed appendix in the Iṣlāḥ al-Majisṭī by Jābir ibn Aflaḥ

María José Parra Pérez


An examination of the preserved Arabic copies of the Islāḥ al-Majisṭī (12th century AD) has revealed an unnoticed before appendix preserved in MS Escorial ár. 930. The appendix contains in Arabic a portion of a larger passage which was known from (presumably) Gerard of Cremona’s Latin translation of the Iṣlāḥ al-Majisṭī but which had not been found in Arabic copies of the work. The passage pertains to Book VI of the Iṣlāḥ al-Majisṭī, on the fixed stars, and relates particularly to the Milky Way, the Solid Globe and the configurations of the fixed stars. In this article the chapters preserved in the appendix will be located in the context of Book VI of the Iṣlāḥ. It is further examined how far the newly found appendix helps to determine whether the passage known from the Latin formed an original part of Jābir ibn Aflaḥ’s work or was supplemented later, in particular based on the Arabic translations of the Almagest that were available in twelfthcentury al-Andalus

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