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FEAST. Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign language Theory

ISSN electrònic: 2565-1781

The FEAST journal (short for Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign language Theory) is an official publication venue for the proceedings of the FEAST yearly conference series. All authors of the accepted presentation and posters at the conference are invited to submit a paper to the journal.

The aim of the journal is to create a new platform for publishing novel theoretically-oriented formal and experimental research on sign languages. The articles will contain new ideas and insight, as well as preliminary results of empirical investigations on topics that are of interest to theoretical study of sign languages.

Vol. 1 (2018)

Edited by Vadim Kimmelman and Helen Koulidobrova


Vadim Kimmelman, Helen Koulidobrova
PDF | V.Kimmelman (photo) | H. Koulidobrova (photo)
Automatic use of phonological codes during word recognition in deaf signers of Spanish Sign Language (p. 1-15)
Eva Gutierrez-Sigut, Marta Vergara-Martínez, Ana Marcet, Manuel Perea
PDF | E. Gutierrez-Sigut (photo) | M. Vergara-Martínez (photo) | A. Marcet (photo) | M. Perea (photo)
Relative clauses in French Sign Language (LSF): some preliminary results (p. 16-26)
Charlotte Hauser, Carlo Geraci
PDF | C. Hauser (Photo) | C. Geraci (Photo)
Null arguments in Russian Sign Language (p. 27-38)
Vadim Kimmelman
PDF | V. Kimmelman (Photo)
High and low negation in Sign Language of the Netherlands (p. 39-47)
Marloes Oomen, Roland Pfau, Enoch O. Aboh
PDF | Oomen, Pfau, Aboh (Photo)
The non-dominant hand perseveration and movement in SZJ locative constructions (p. 48-58)
Matic Pavlic
PDF | M. Pavlic (Photo)
When BEAT is ‘exceed’: verbal comparison in American Sign Language (p. 59-69)
Ronnie B. Wilbur, Natasha Abner, Sandra Wood, Helen Koulidobrova
PDF | R. B. Wilbur (Photo) | N. Abner (Photo) | H. Koulidobrova (Photo)
Gapping vs VP-ellipsis in Catalan Sign Language (p. 70-81)
Giorgia Zorzi
PDF | G. Zorzi (Photo)